About MedPrice

Mobilising medical knowledge


MedPrice App provides medicine prices easily and quickly via our unique mobile app for Android and iOS mobile devices. Medicine prices are updated monthly and reflect the latest NHS Drug Tariff prices. The search facility allows users to search for prices for branded and generic medicines and facilitates rapid and effortless price comparisons. MedPrice App also gives the dm+d descriptions to all licensed medicines in the UK, enabling dm+d compliance faster and easier.

A special feature within MedPrice App shows the increase and decrease in prices for medicines from the previous month enabling manufacturers to compare their prices with competitors with ease.

NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d)

The NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d) Standard (ISB 0052) is the NHS standard approved by the NHS Information Standards Board dictionary for medicines licensed in the UK.

It is an Interoperability Standard and ensures that diverse clinical systems can communicate effectively to each other using a common coded language for the transfer of medicines information. dm+d provides this common language using identifying codes with associated written descriptions. Electronic systems that exchange or share information about medicines relating directly to a patient’s care must adhere to this standard by using dm+d identifiers and descriptions when transferring information. Health and care organisations, system suppliers and pharmaceutical companies must be dm+d compliant by 30 June 2017.

dm+d Hierarchy

The dm+d hiearchy represented within the MedPrice App is based on its five main components, which are:

  • Virtual Therapeutic Moiety (VTM)
  • Virtual Medicinal Product (VMP)
  • Actual Medicinal Product (AMP)
  • Virtual Medicinal Product Pack (VMPP)
  • Actual Medicinal Product Pack (AMPP)
The NHS Electronic Prescription Service uses the dm+d and its unique code for each medicine along with a textual description of the item and as both pharmacy and prescribing systems have adopted dm+d and this facilitates the transfer on information between health care systems.

The dm+d covers medicines and devices used in both secondary and primary care and MedPrice App is therefore suitable for use by hospitals as well as those providing NHS services in primary care.

All drug names listed in the dm+d are held as recommended international non-proprietary names (rINNs) or modified rINNs, if these are available, except for adrenaline and noradrenaline.

NHS Drug Tariff prices

The main purpose of the NHS Drug Tariff is to provide a useful information source for health professionals, pharmacists, Clinical Commissioning Groups, suppliers’ data on NHS tariff prices.

The Drug Tariff is the main reference resource for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals who use NHS Tariff prices on a daily basis.